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Wind Mitigation

Hurricanes are getting more powerful and hitting with more frequency.

Meaning insurance rates are climbing throughout the state. A home wind mitigation inspection, however, could lower your payments. 

Insurance companies are required by Florida Statues to lower rates if a home is built or has features that reduce damage in hurricane-force winds.

A wind mitigation inspection report from Max Home Inspections could help homeowners save as much as 40% on a home insurance bill and we will provide the paperwork you need to negotiate that new rate.

Wind mitigation inspection reports

are typically good for the property as long as clients have the same insurance company. They do not transfer to new owners, though, so when purchasing a new home, you will need to have a new inspection done. 

Among the things this inspection looks at are: 

​Roof Covering

Roof Deck Construction

Roof Deck Clips/Straps

Hurricane Shutters or
Window Protection 

Impact Resistant

Glass and Openings to Home 

Reinforced Doors

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