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Sewer Scope

Sewer Scope: A Critically Underlooked Function of the Home

Having a properly functioning drainage system is critical when it comes to protecting your home, but the components of sewers are typically hidden from view during a standard home inspection, making them hard to examine.

Our inspectors are certified and trained through the International Association of Home Inspectors

Which utilize an advanced camera system to offer a thorough visual assessment of the inside of a drainage system. 

This highly recommended examination helps clients find peace of mind

By letting them know their drainage is in proper working order, and there are no hidden defects that could potentially cause damage to the living conditions of the home.

Let us help you avoid costly repairs. 

Knowing what repairs need to be made can give buyers leverage to negotiate the terms of their offer, perhaps saving them thousands of dollars in the processor or warning them when they should walk away from the deal altogether. 

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