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Mold's Impact on Property and Health

Having mold inside a home can impact a property investment considerably, but even more importantly, unabated mold exposure may result in serious health problems for homeowners and their family members.

To protect against that, two separate types of tests for mold are provided: 

Visible swab

Inspectors identify visible mold in all areas of the home and sample it.

Air quality

Utilizing specialized equipment, the outside air is sampled to measure several factors, including: 

  • Natural Mold Spores
  • Pollen
  • Airborne Allergens
  • The air quality samples collected will be compared to a control sample, taken to see if there are any elevated levels of spores in the interior of the home.

    Lab Testing for Mold: Informed Home Buying

    Both tests are sent to a world-class laboratory to be tested. A full report is then sent, which shows the types of molds that might be present and what, if any, health effects are associated with them. With that knowledge in hand, potential home buyers are able to make an informed decision on the biggest purchase of their life.

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