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Complete Home Inspection

If you are looking to buy or sell your home, it is imperative that you have a professional home inspection. A home inspection covers every aspect of a property’s condition and can alert you of existing or potential problems.

Four Point

A Four Point Inspection is often required by insurance companies before a home insurance policy is issued on an older home (25 years old or more.) It covers four important areas of the home: HVAC, Electric, Plumbing and Roof.

Wind Mitigation

An important service for Florida residents as our homes face high hurricane winds. The assessment shows how well various parts of your home can resist wind damage. With this analysis, you may receive home insurance discounts.

Sewer scope

Sewer Scope Inspections should be done on all homes. It is recommended on homes built before 1980. With this type of inspection, we are able to detect damaged pipes, signs of extreme corrosion, blockages and more.

Chinese Drywall

From 2001-2007, corrosive drywall was imported from China and used in home construction. Only later it was determined that warm, humid climates (like Florida) can release sulfur gases and other dangerous toxins.


A roof inspection is essential before purchasing a home. The appearance of a roof may seem satisfactory, but there could be safety hazards, area of repair or weaknesses unseen by a potential buyer. Repairs can be very costly!


Buying a commercial property? A thorough commercial property inspection is an essential step to make. A commercial property inspection inspects the entire home for any minor problems.


A WDO/Termite Inspection looks for evidence of wood destroying organisms like termites, fungus, and other pests. Termite infestation is very common in the State Of Florida.

Swimming Pool Inspection

A swimming pool can be an attractive asset to any home and lure the potential home buyer into a purchase. Pools can be costly to repair, so if you are thinking of buying a property with a pool, we can inspect it for you!

Additional Home Inspection Services

Mold Surface

While mold is very common here in Florida, many times it’s not a problem. The real issue isn’t whether there is mold or not, but what kind of mold. The lab tests the mold under a microscope and writes a report about it’s findings. It is recommended that the mold is tested in order to find out the type of mold so you know what to do and how to handle it.


Radon is not common in Florida as it is in other parts of the country. Radon is a pretty big misnomer as we can have many hotspots that test positive on a daily basis. This invisible odorless gas can only be detected by testing.


Roof certificates are often needed by some insurance companies. Unless a roof certificate is specifically requested by an insurance company, do not order this.

Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Many homes have beautiful landscaping that would not be possible without a functioning irrigation system. Max Home Inspections® can inspect the sprinkler and irrigation systems of the home.


If your home has a seawall, we recommend ordering a seawall inspection. We have a diver that will go under water and check the true condition of the seawall. The most common damages occur under water.

Indoor Air

This is a form of mold inspection. This test gathers air in multiple places of the home, checking for pollen, mold spores, fungi, dust, debris and more. 


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