Seawall Inspection

Seawall Inspection Explained

Most seawalls can boast a lifespan of four decades, but the majority will have a survivability of about three decades. As with all possessions, it’s important to conduct regular maintenance; without it, owners can expect that their seawalls and docks will not last to their full life expectancy and unfortunately, repair costs can be high. As a result, regular maintenance schedules on your seawalls and docks should be conducted, and further peace of mind can result from regular inspections. We recommend a bi-annual service program provided by many local contractors in the Southwest Florida area. Service programs usually consist of maintaning erosion control, evaluation of tie backs, lubricating, inspecting and maintaining belts or chains, pulleys and cables. Be sure to quantify the scope of work that may be provided by the marine contractor. Typically these bi-annual service programs can be obtained for between $200 and $400 per year.

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