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Why Choose Max Home Inspections

At Max Home Inspections, our licensed home inspectors provide thorough and reliable service, ensuring you’re covered.  As the leading home inspector in Houston, TX, we prioritize your satisfaction with clear communication, empowering you to make informed decisions about your home.

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Fast and Flexible

Book your inspection by noon and get it the same or the next day! We're so confident that if we miss that window, you save $50.

Satisfaction Assured

We're committed to your peace of mind. If you're not happy with the inspection, we'll give you a full refund and re-inspect for free.

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Prompt Reporting

Our homeowner's inspections include prompt reporting. You'll get your inspection report on time every time. If it's delayed, you'll get $50 off.

Discover Potential Issues

We will disclose any issues that we find, allowing you to make informed decisions and take action promptly.

Our Home Inspection Services

We inspect everything to keep your house safe and sound. Our comprehensive residential home inspections cover:

Structural Framing

Walls, floors, and foundation – the bones of your home, assessed for strength and stability.


Your shield from the elements – inspected for leaks, wear, and structural integrity.


The unseen support system – inspected for cracks, settlement, and potential stability issues.


The lifeblood of your home – checked for leaks, functionality, and safety hazards.


The heart of your comfort – verified for proper wiring and overall electrical safety.

Heating/Air Conditioning

Keeping you comfortable year-round – evaluated for efficiency and proper operation.

Structural Framing





Heating/Air Conditioning

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Max Home Inspections provides professional and reliable home inspections in Houston to ensure your home's safety and functionality. Our expert real estate inspectors cover everything from the structural bones to the essential systems, giving you a complete picture of your home's health. Schedule your property inspection today and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your home is sound.

Testimonials from Our Valued Clients

When you choose TLC and Max Home Inspections, you can be confident that you are receiving a service that has been endorsed by countless satisfied customers. Don’t just take our word for it – see for yourself!


This is probably the best and most detailed home inspection I have ever had done in one of my properties. I will be definitely using their services again.

Liz G.


Phenomenal experience. I m a first time home buyer in South Florida and John was very knowledgeable, timely, professional, friendly and everything you d want out of a home inspector.

Joel M.


As a Realtor I have been through a great number of inspectors. Max is the one that has never let me down! They are always on time and very professional.

J. R F

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At TLC and Max Home Inspections, we understand the importance of having a trusted partner by your side when it comes to protecting your home. Our team of experts is committed to delivering outstanding service and providing you with comprehensive reports specifically tailored to the unique needs of homeowners in Houston.