Chinese Corrosive drywall inspection

Max Home Inspections ® is one of the nation’s leading experts on Chinese Corrosive Drywall. Our experts authored the book “The History & Mystery of Chinese Drywall.” Please contact Max Home Inspections ® to schedule a Chinese Corrosive Drywall Inspection.
  • Usually found in homes built between 1999-2010
  • Identifies corrosion of coils and deteriorated appliances


From 2001-2007, corrosive drywall was imported from China and used in home construction. Only later it was determined that warm, humid climates (like Florida) can release sulfur gases and other dangerous toxins. A major warning sign that your home may have corrosive drywall is an ammonia (rotten egg) smell. The odor may be more noticeable at times when your home is hotter/warmer inside. However, some people may not be able to detect the smell, but their home may still have corrosive drywall. If you are purchasing a home, it is important to have a Chinese corrosive drywall inspection, so you do not have to deal with the cost of repairing the home in the future. The gases emitted from the drywall can damage and corrode metal surfaces overtime. Structures that can be affected are: the air conditioner, electrical wiring, appliances, copper plumbing, and more. The gases may cause people to feel sick or cause other health side effects. If your home was built during 2001-2007 or you had drywall installed in the home, you should have a Chinese Corrosive Drywall Inspection. Max Home Inspections ® founder Mysterious Guy is one of the nation’s leading experts on Chinese Corrosive Drywall, having authored the book The History & Mystery of Chinese Drywall. Please contact Mysterious Guy to schedule a Chinese Corrosive Drywall Inspection.

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