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4 Point Inspection

Offered only in Florida

Four Point Inspection for Homes

Before insurance companies issue policies on homes 25 years old and older, many will require a Four Point Inspection be performed first. This specialized service focuses on four areas of concern, which carry the highest liability for insurers:





Inspection Reduces Hazards

If these systems were not properly installed when the property was first built, or have come to need expensive repairs, a home inspection will suggest necessary steps to reduce any potential hazards. The results will be provided to a client (and insurance company, if requested) within 24 hours. 

A Four point Inspection is not a substitute for a full home inspection. For your protection, a full home inspection is always recommended. This examination can detect issues that are easily missed in a simple walk-through or visit to a property in a number of areas: 




Heating/Air Conditioning

Failing to inspect a property can result in thousands of dollars of unexpected repair costs. A thorough review, or even a Four Point Inspection, can help buyers and sellers negotiate a reasonable price, or aid them in deciding whether the investment is a good one.

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